Leonidas Lawyers | Civil Disputes & Litigation
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Civil Disputes & Litigation

Civil litigation is where an individual and/or company and/or other legal entity takes another to Court to obtain specific relief and/or compensation.


At times persons are not aware of their legal entitlements and the relief that may be available through the Courts. At Leonidas Lawyers we aim to be cost effective, and at all times will keep you appraised of your options to engage in Alternative Dispute Resolution prior to commencing court proceedings and even after court proceedings have been commenced.


Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation, conciliation, arbitration and round table conferences can ensure quick and cost effective solutions for our clients.


Court proceedings can be lengthy and in some respects complicated, at Leonidas Lawyers we will explain to you in plain English each step in the Court process so that you can at all times make informed decisions.


Leonidas Lawyers handles a wide range of Litigation Matters which can be categorised as Civil Litigation or Commercial Litigation. The following are some examples of the matters/disputes:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Business litigation
  • Employment litigation / Unfair dismissal
  • Family Law Matters
  • Will and/or Deceased Estates disputes
  • Debt Collection / Creditors and/or Debtors Breach of contract / copyright
  • Landlords and Tenants
  • Suppliers and Customers
  • Vendors and Purchasers of property and/or businesses
  • Neighbours
  • Building matters
  • Employees and employers
  • Accident victims
  • Bankruptcy / Liquidations



Each type of legal case has different time period limitations. If the applicable time period expires you could lose your entitlements. It is for this reason you should promptly seek legal advice to find out if you can commence legal proceedings, and the applicable time restrictions. We are experienced dispute resolution lawyers and civil litigation attorneys and have proven experience across a wide range of state jurisdictions and federal jurisdiction.

Over the years, our commitment to excellence and passion for our clients has been recognized.